Applications that need non-translation localisation

These are applications that have country specific or language specific configurations. Ie there are things that you need to change to make the application more useful for user of your language or users in your country.;

The list merely highlights the issue but most of these have not been elaborated.

Country Specific

  • KOrganizer – public holidays
  • Evolution – public holidays
  • Any Internet dialup logging
  • Mozilla dates and times (might be locale specific)
  • OpenOffice date and tiem formats (might be locale specific)
  • KDE country and regions selector in locale
  • KDE country.desktop file
  • Mozilla region packs
  • Default printer page sizes – should be set in locale
  • Any weather application or user eg RSS feeds in Evolution
  • Validate weather service namign conventions might be out of date
  • Spellcheckers with:
    • Geographics names: province, cities, mountains, rivers, airports, harbours
    • People: statesman, hero’s, common names
    • Animals: common names for fauna and flora
  • City locations for things such as KStars
  • Country specific shortcuts for Konqueror
  • Mozilla shortcuts already built
  • Mozilla local search engines and defaults already set

Language Specific

  • KTuberling – language wav files
  • Locale files
  • Mozilla, Konqueror – default language preferences set

Both Language and Country specific

  • OpenOffice – locale files