The purpose of this document is to provide one reference for localisers. You will find lots of information on localising and packaging on the web but not a single resource that can guide you. Most of the information is also domain specific ie it addresses KDE, Mozilla, etc. We hope that this is more general.

This document also goes beyond the technical aspects of localisation which seems to be the domain of other localisation documents. The document aims to help other localisation teams by consolidating the information of the Translate.org.za project and other localisation initiatives. So in this document we have added sections on selecting what to translate, budgeting, timing and more.

There are sections explaining how to use the Translate Toolkit and practical sections on common translation technical errors as well as ideas on how to translate or configure certain things like accelerators key, whether to translate acronyms, etc.


We hope not to duplicate information and will point to other online resources if needed. But often we document in the process of creating our translation builds so there might be slight duplication.