Program syntax and Spreadsheet functions

Often you will find examples of program languages (syntax) or spreadsheet functions in your translations.

Simple Policy

Need a simple policy on what to translate?

Never translate function names, spreadsheet functions or program syntax

What does this look like?

  • Functions: not(), getLastAuthor(), sheet.Count()
  • Spreadsheet Functions: SUM, AVERAGE, DDIST
  • Syntax: FIXME examples? NULL

Why to translate or no translate

Program languages are in themselves their own language. So think of it as another language that is untranslatable. For instance when programming in Java using a Chinese programming tool you will still write in the English looking Java language.

The same applies to spreadsheets. However, in some countries they have had versions of software that are in deed translated. So the common functions, SUM, COUNT, etc are translated. It is probably best that you do not translate them unless they are in common usage. Remember that when someone uses your software in their languages and want to type SUM to add a column of figures and you have translate this, then they will need to knwo the translated function name. Could be very problematic if they already now the English version. So think of Spreadsheet functions as they same as a programming language.