Translation Guidelines

What is the policy for translating acronyms in my language? Should I use Title Case? These are all issues that should be addressed in a translation guidelines or policy document. Some of these already exist but are usually project specific. This page and template are a space for you to develop a policy document for your language.

Guidelines Template

The Translation Guidelines (Template) is designed to be a basis from which to develop your languages guidelines. If you see that you re adding a new section to your policy first check to see if its in the template. If not then please add it. We want the template to be a model of what issues people should be considering. The policy document is yours – make ot do what you need it to do.

Language Guidline Documents

  • Afrikaans * Translation of specific phrases
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Ndebele, South
  • Northern Sotho
  • Sotho, Southern
  • Swati
  • Tsonga
  • Tswana
  • Venda
  • Xhosa
  • Zulu