Localising Weather Applications

There are a number of weather related applictions for the Linux desktop. Most of these lookup up weather data from airport meteorological stations. These stations are identified by an international 4 character abbreviation. These applcications use this to lookup the corect watehr information.


FIXME this data may be out of date please check and update it.

In Evolution there is a problem in that location names are not localisable. Bug #89746 refers to this problem.

Where do you get the data

More pressing then the localisability is the fact that many localitions are missing for countries. The data is easily retreived. Use the following URLs to identify weather stations in yor country and locations.

You may have to correct a few where names have changed eg airport names or to reflect to a normal user not an aeroplane pilot where this site is located.

Please also check the data of the weather, it might be so out of date that it is not valid.